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Checking Out

Hey guys,
It's been over a month since I've started college and I've decided that I love it here, most of the time. Now, not so much since I'm dealing with my 5th concussion. I want to write about everything that's happening here, but i don't want to pile it up with stuff about cancer since it's a different chapter of my life. Also, I don't want to get rid of any of my cancer posts because sometimes I need a reminder of how strong I am.
I will be continuing posts through college on another blog at It's working title is the college years and I hope to have a post up by this weekend, if i can manage to sit at the computer for more than five minutes without feeling like my head's going to explode. I will continue to have updates on my scans and all that stuff on this blog still.

Before I go, I want to share a video with you that brightens my day, no matter what.

Much love,    Kayla