Hawaii Baby

Hey everyone(Aloha!)
It has been almost a year since I last wrote and things have changed big time, mostly for the better.
First of all, all my scans have been clear and I am almost feeling like a normal teenager. I am going to prom in a few weeks, maybe with a date, he still hasn't given me a definitive answer. Last year, along with my best friend and my cousin, we devoured an entire cheesecake.
In September i got a job at Kohl's and I absolutely love it! I work roughly 12 hours a week, give or take. All of my coworkers are super nice and make sure I'm taken care of. It also helped with my anxiety, so now when i go to work I don't even worry anymore.
This year is my senior year, meaning I have applied to eight different schools for sports journalism and hopefully a minor in creative writing. I have been accepted at five schools thus far, and from that my top choice would be Susquehanna University. I was also very impressed with Syracuse, and i could see myself there, if I get in. I graduate in June and am currently in the running to speak at my ceremony, not sure what made me decide to apply for that though.

In other news, I finally picked my Make A Wish. And I am currently sitting in my hotel room in Hawaii. After two years of struggling to decide, I think i made the best decision for me and my family, who are all having a blast. (P.S. ignore my grammar, I'm on vacation)  I also want to make a quick shout out to my genies, you two are amazing! Thank you for everything! I have so many pictures to show you, just after a few days.
Last night we attended a luau right on the beach with great food and fun stuff. We all got to make palm leave head bands, but mine was "put in storage" by one of the warriors and he proceeded to make me a whole new one. I learned how to throw a spear, so you better watch out, mostly because i was terrible at it. everyone except for my dad got up on stage and did the tipi tipi. It was interesting to say the least. Also, as a make a wish kid, i was called up to stage and presented with flowers, a lei, a new headband with flowers, a wooden turtle, a purse, a t-shirt and some sort of wrap. And i can't forget the hug, which i received just about everywhere I've gone while in Hawaii. They hug a lot! 
Today we spent the morning around the hotel, with me taking a nap and everyone else buying souvenirs. After my nap, we went to the Dole plantation where we conquered a Guinness world record maze in 29 minutes. Then we enjoyed a peaceful and cool ride around the gardens, very refreshing after sweating it out in the maze. When we finished the train ride, we ate pineapple whip, which I think I fell in love with, big time. After the plantation, we drove up the coast of the island until we came across one of many beaches.
We took pictures and tried not to break our ankles in the rocks. Driving a little farther down the coast, there was one of many food truck stops where we enjoyed shrimp, fish tacos and a pulled pork sandwich. If you ever have the chance to eat from a food truck in Oahu, I recommend it, especially the pulled pork and fish tacos.


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