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Hawaii Baby

Hey everyone(Aloha!)
It has been almost a year since I last wrote and things have changed big time, mostly for the better.
First of all, all my scans have been clear and I am almost feeling like a normal teenager. I am going to prom in a few weeks, maybe with a date, he still hasn't given me a definitive answer. Last year, along with my best friend and my cousin, we devoured an entire cheesecake.
In September i got a job at Kohl's and I absolutely love it! I work roughly 12 hours a week, give or take. All of my coworkers are super nice and make sure I'm taken care of. It also helped with my anxiety, so now when i go to work I don't even worry anymore.
This year is my senior year, meaning I have applied to eight different schools for sports journalism and hopefully a minor in creative writing. I have been accepted at five schools thus far, and from that my top choice would be Susquehanna University. I was also very impressed with Syracuse, and i could see myself there, if …