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Back at it Again

Hey readers!
Yes, i know, you're all so happy to here from me. But please, save the applause for the end.

Here i am, back at hershey, doing my thing, have surgery and chilling in a hospital bed. But don't worry, i'm just having an endoscopy for the stomach pain i've been having for the past six months. Same old boring life.

Except over the weekend, my boring life got a little bone chilling. No i didn't spend the night in a haunted house like those idiots in horror movies. I did however see some of my old classmates, who some may refer to as jerks and a little worse.

My old school had a minithon, in support of the Four Diamonds fund, which is based at Hershey Med, to help kids and families dealing with cancer. I was lucky enough to get to speak on behalf of Four Diamonds. It was unforgettable and a lot scary. On the bright side, i got to hang with my little cousin, whose not so little anymore and some old teammates. MiniThon Speech

I hope you enjoyed the video, my dad i…