Watch Out World, Here I Come

Hey guys:)
I haven't posted in awhile and i'm not going to give you some dumb excuse or anything like that. It's just whenever i get into anything, i'm into for a few days and then i forget about it. This started i guess after chemo, but i don't know.

So, as most of you know i'm a junior, so that means time to start looking at colleges and taking the sats. Yes! So much fun! Any who, i've been looking at school for sports journalism and broadcasting. I love writing about sports and i think it'd be so cool to be one of the announcers at the games.

I've been looking at schools like syracuse, university of Maryland, Lehigh(Don't tell my dad) and UNC. I'm excited to go to college, but at the same time, i can wait the year and a half to go.

In other news, i've been driving lately, first time on the high way, McDonalds drive-thru and picked up my sister from school. I'm becoming one of those real driving people.

Before i sign off today, i have to wish a happy birthday to my favorite cheerleader and best friend! You know who you are! Hope your day was killer. Get a first down then a touch...

Image result for mansion house This is a reminder that i still have to choose my make a wish. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,

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