Saturday, February 13, 2016

NBA All Star Break

Hey guys!

I told you i'd post more, so i'm keeping that promise.

A year ago I wrote a post about the all star game and galentine's day.

This year, though, things were a bit different because the All Star Break is in Toronto, home to rapper, Drake. Canada and Drake beat America and Kevin Heart, who took himself off the bench to play, in the celebrity All Star game. I personally think that some of the players should never step foot on a court again.

On the other hand, the second event of the night, the Rising Star Challenge, gave the US a victory, by 3 points, but still a victory. Zach Lavine took home the MVP trophy, which was substantially smaller than the celebrity MVP trophy that went to Win Butler of Canada. Zach Levine has hopes to win another trophy tonight in the 3 point contest.

Karl-Anthony Towns, star Kentucky player and 1st overall pick in the NBA draft has become the reigning Skills Challenge Champion. Yes! A big man, Towns, took down the little guy, Isaiah Thomas, in what could be called a major upset.

If you want more details on the events, check back for an article tomorrow night or monday morning.

So, i figure i can be honest with you people. I mean, i've known you for a whole year and you still visit regularly, which honestly, surprises me.

Anyway, I've been feeling like i'm no ones first choice. I'm not talking about my family or anything, i'm referring to my friends. That might make me a bad guy, but that's how i feel. And everyone always wants to hear what i'm feeling. Maybe I'm just lonely or maybe i did something wrong. Whatever it is, I just thought i'd share.

Sorry for the late update on the all star break. Kevin Hart and Draymond Green, went head to head in an impromptu three point contest. The game ended in a tie, nonetheless, Green went home with the giant trophy and Hart when home with a participation ribbon.

Have a nice night!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Watch Out World, Here I Come

Hey guys:)
I haven't posted in awhile and i'm not going to give you some dumb excuse or anything like that. It's just whenever i get into anything, i'm into for a few days and then i forget about it. This started i guess after chemo, but i don't know.

So, as most of you know i'm a junior, so that means time to start looking at colleges and taking the sats. Yes! So much fun! Any who, i've been looking at school for sports journalism and broadcasting. I love writing about sports and i think it'd be so cool to be one of the announcers at the games.

I've been looking at schools like syracuse, university of Maryland, Lehigh(Don't tell my dad) and UNC. I'm excited to go to college, but at the same time, i can wait the year and a half to go.

In other news, i've been driving lately, first time on the high way, McDonalds drive-thru and picked up my sister from school. I'm becoming one of those real driving people.

Before i sign off today, i have to wish a happy birthday to my favorite cheerleader and best friend! You know who you are! Hope your day was killer. Get a first down then a touch...

Image result for mansion house This is a reminder that i still have to choose my make a wish. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,