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As the majority of you know, the women's world cup ended Sunday night with the final, between the United States and Japan, a rematch of 2011. But this time history was not repeating itself. I wrote an article about the game and have decided to share it with you all. Be honest in what you think. Every writer knows that not everyone will enjoy or agree with their piece.

The 15er’s
By: Kayla Brown
The U.S. women’s national team made history in 1999, with a win over China in penalty kicks. Brandy Chastain had the 5th, and winning kick. Ripping of her jersey after the made kick, is still making an impact today. She made it officially okay for girls to go around in just their sports bras. But the whole team gave all the young girls watching the game a sense of courage and belief that they could be there one day. But the US hasn't been able to win the World Cup since then, a 16 year drought definitely must hurt.
Why change what works? Coach Jill Ellis didn't touch the line-up from the last 3 games, which meant no starting for Abby Wambach in her last professional match. But on her 30th birthday, that meant a start for Megan Rapinoe.
Three minutes into the game, a goal right though the opening in the defense gave Carli Lloyd the first goal of the game, and left Japan trailing for the first time in this World Cup. Nobody could have predicted a goal like that this early in the game.
Tobin Heath got passed two Japan defenders before being taken down, just outside of the box. A free kick from Lauren Holiday, landed right on Julie Johnston’s right leg. She flicked it back to the front of the goal where Carli Lloyd was running in to work on her hat trick, leaving the reigning world champs stunned.
A third goal was scored by Lauren Holiday on a cross that was miss cleared by the Japanese defender, giving the US a 3-1 lead over Japan.
Talk about a hat trick. Carli Lloyd, yet again, put the ball in the back of the net, becoming the 2nd women to score 3 girls in the final. Using veteran skills, she was aware that the Japan goalie was way off her line. From a step behind the mid-field line, she blasted the ball, catching the goalie off-guard and scoring. It almost appeared as if she was going to get a hat trick plus one, when she headed the ball just wide of the goal, a few minutes later.

For those hoping for a shutout, Ogimi, a Japan forward, ruined your dreams. She made the score 4-1 in about the 27th minute. About three minutes later, it looked as if Japan was going to tighten the score a little more. But the defenders were there, ready to do their job and keep the ball out of the goal.
At halftime the score stood as the highest score in a World Cup final.
An own goal off the head of breakout star defender, Julie Johnston, in the 52nd minute gave Japan their 2nd goal of the game. Will it be their last?
The United States is definitely not done yet. In the 54th minute, a cross on a corner bobbled its way through the box and landed right on Morgan Brian’s foot. She slid it right in front of the goal for Tobin Heath, giving the youngest player on the US team, an assist.
At the 79th minute, the crowd was deafening as Abby Wambach entered the game for Tobin Heath. The team is so in-sync that when Abby arrived on the field, Carli Lloyd gave her the respected captain band. The respect for each other is mind-blowing.
Christie Rampone, at age 40, became the oldest women to ever play in a World Cup in the 86th minute. Does she have a goal in her? Or does Carli Lloyd have another one up her sleeve?

The final score of 5-2 held and the 16 year drought came to an end for the US women’s national team. A re-match of the 2011 final has ended entirely different. Three World Cup wins for the US, has just made them the most successful country in women’s World Cup history.

I hope you enjoyed the article.
I have some questions to ask. 
What should one do for their 16th birthday? 
Keep in mind, I hate being the center of attention unless it involves basketball.

What is your favorite song? Mine are Want to Want My by Jason Derulo and Fun by Chris Brown and Pitbull. My favorite artist, by far, is Jason Derulo. He's a triple threat, he can sing, dance, and he's cute. What's not to love?

Oh I can't forget. I want to wish a happy birthday to my dad. I miss the times when we would shoot hoops at the park or play two on two. I know we fight and argue a lot. But I love you. Happy birthday!

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