Earlier today I received a text from an old friend who I haven't seen since 9th grade. It was really nice to have someone text me out the blue not to talk about how I'm feeling. We used to go to the movies and sweet frog together. Buy now I'm lucky if I see her three times a year. But when I saw her text it made me smile, like really smile😊😊😊😊 

This evening I texted my friend from my old school, just to say hi. We ended up having an hour and half long convo. We joked around a lot and I was very sarcastic. And he stayed on his phone 15 extra minutes even after he said he was going to bed. I told I was as well. But he felt like it was his fault, so he stayed up awhile longer worrying about me. 

I could never take these kinds of friends for granted, the ones where when you haven't seen them in awhile and you automatically click and the ones who will stay up after a day of work, soccer and mowing the lawn just to make sure you're okay.

You guys know who you are, but I just want to thank you for being there when I need you the most. I hope you're in my lives for a very longtime. 

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