Baby Hair

It's a little less than a month post-chemo, so I decided that I would take a picture each week to show how my hair is growing. I was hoping it inspire people but also keep my mom off my back about posting more often. I'm going to try to post more often, at least once a week. I apologize if that doesn't happen, as I am making up 22 weeks of school work in about 5 1/2 weeks. And if I don't finish everything than I don't pass my sophomore year. And there is no way I'm retaking my sophomore year. I had enough trouble this year, to teachers not giving me work when my tutor and I asked for it, from teachers thinking I'm just going to medically withdrawal from each class and do it next year.

Before I started homebound school, I went to school for about 3 days spread out because of my post concussion syndrome symptoms, but each day I turned in the work I had missed. But my history teacher did not put any grades in the first quarter. Eventually my parents and the counselor decided it would be best if I homebound schooled the rest of the year. My tutor is very nice and feels like part of family. Well, we started in September and continued asking my history teacher for work. But she didn't send any work until halfway through the second quarter. But all the work was in no order at all and didn't have even the chapter numbers on it. Then I had to do a research paper for English which I shared with him in January and then again in April when he didn't comment on anything. For some strange reason he assumed I was going to give up on this year. Obviously he doesn't know me.

Here is a picture of my hair 31/2 weeks post chemo:

My parents dragged me to Myrtle Beach for my brother's Nationals tournament this week. My brother won the silver bracket championship today. It was a frustrating game because I didn't agree with any of the refs calls or the player combos. But whatever, I'm stuck at the beach which I hate even without the heat advisory.

This post is for my friends, old and new, but especially the ones who've stuck by me. So thank you to you guys because i learned who my real friends are through all of this.

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