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I'm okay, but not okay

I want to apologize for not posting in awhile and potentially worrying people. I haven't been feeling anywhere close to par lately but I heard from some of my audience that they have repeatedly checking for more posts and were worrying about me. So here I am. I had chemo on Wednesday of this week. And again I had the neulasta shot which beefs up the cells in my bone marrow and causes excruciating bone pain. I have been in tears many times over the past few days because of the bone pain. In short, it sucks! So I've had some requests to talk about my novels. The first one i'm finishing and fixing is about teenage girl whom is a basketball player and faces many problems with her two best friends and siblings. I'm working on some others, but their still in the early stages
So I'm okay because i'm alive, but i'm not okay because I feel absolutely terrible.

Favorite book and favorite quote: the last shot by John Feinstein and wether you think you can or you think…

This Sucks!

Somehow this got deleted, so I'm going to attempt to do a simplified version of the post.

I was not able to get my PET scan when I was in the hospital, Bummer! Well the next week I was in the clinic Tuesday and Wednesday for antibiotics because I just felt like crap. I was sweating than shivering and my temperature dropped to like 94 or 95. But on the bright side I was able to get my PET scan done on Wednesday. But I ended up back in the hospital a week after they discharged me on Thursday. It was absolutely wonderful, Just Kidding. Two good things were that one of  my best friends, Ms. Little House, came to the hospital and hung out with me and secondly, we made my nurse a cotton ball tail to go with his bunny ears because it was Easter week and weekend. I was discharged Saturday even though I felt worse than when I was admitted.