I'm Famous

So as many of you know, I got my head shaved on Wednesday around 9:45pm by a good friend of ours. But before my head was shaved, I got to shave the guy's head first. He thought it was only fair if I shaved his head before he shaved my head. I actually did a really good job, not to mention the fact that it was fun.

I think I'm falling in love with... Shamrock Shakes. I've had four in the past 48 hours. 

I shaved another person's head on Friday. He actually isn't just a person, he's a great friend who we'll call Shamrock Bringer. I started by giving him a Mohawk, then a comb over and finally I shaved it all off. I seriously have the most amazing friends ever.

Then last night Shamrock Bringer and Nike King came over to my house. They brought cupcakes and pizza, none of which we needed because our house is filled with desserts and we had just ordered pizza for dinner.

To top of the week, my sister's godmother and her daughter, one of my really good friends visited us from Wisconsin. We hadn't seen her in four years. So my sister got a bunch of presents to make up for the many missed birthdays. 

This week I also got be a star in a short film for my oldest cousin on my mom's side of the family. She is taking a film class and must shoot a film on an experiment, so what is a better experiment than a cousin with Mortimer Dorkus.

Today my ultimate best friend Burger King came over to visit me. She is actually right here as I type. I have tried to shave her head multiple times today. And I have told her I love her multiple times today because I am an emotional basket case whose been run over by a truck, metaphorically of course. I just feel so attached to my friends and family at this point. I can't control it at all. It's kind of scary because I actually feel like care about him. Last year, as punishment mom made us sit on the catch together and hold hands and cried about it because I didn't want to go anywhere near him and now I am hugging for no apparent reason. I'd say I'm emotional wreck, but that would be putting it nicely.

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