Don't Worry! I'm alive

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I haven't blogged in the last week as I have been in pain and sleeping many hours of the day. We have a lot to catch up on, so let's begin.

Last week I started having excruciating pain in my left calf, only my left one. I couldn't walk without wincing in pain. The doctors were confused as to why only one leg was bothering me because if the chemo was causing the pain it should have effected both legs. This left the doctors thinking I may have a blood clot somewhere in my body. I was showing all the symptoms so the doctor ordered an ultrasound of my leg. When nothing showed up, and I was still having pain come Friday they had me come back to the hospital for a lung CT scan. Again nothing was found, so just to be safe the doctors again looked at my legs and decided to put me on blood thinner shots twice a day. These shots are given by none other than my wonderful mom. I might add that these shots really burn. No wonder my mom insisted on giving me the shots.

As many of you know Southern Pennsylvania was hit with a heavy amount of snow Wednesday into Thursday. Lucky me, I had Rituxan on Wednesday and chemo on Thursday. There was no room at the inn, also know as the Ronald McDonald House, so me and mom spent the night at a Best Western. For dinner Wednesday night, Mom and I joined my Godmother at the Soda Jerk, a 50's style diner. We went back to the hotel room to chat and hangout and I was asleep in ten minutes, just before 8pm. The next morning, after my long slumber, there was a free continental breakfast. It was a good thing it was free because I would not have paid any amount of money to eat in that sauna.

Friday night I got to watch myself as the star of my cousin's video documentary. The spotlight was on me, and for once I didn't mind the attention. I'd say Kimberlyn did a pretty good job with what she was given.

Saturday morning, I left my house for awhile and ventured to the outside world full of cranky parents, crying babies, children who ask for everything in sight and teenagers wearing more makeup than a clown, also known as the store. The store, to be specific, was BAM, Books A Million. I needed to buy a book for my friend, Ms. Little House on the Prairie. 
After my adventure, I ducked back into my safe world by going to Ms. Cathi's house. She used to be my sister preschool teacher. I hadn't seen them since the night before Ms. Cathi's daughter's, also one of my best friends, homecoming. We ran into their family at the mall. The last time I was at their house was my second day of school when we picked up my sister. It was great to see their whole family again. It brightened my day. 

On Sunday, Ms. Little House and I watched the end of She's the Man and Step Up Revolution. During Step Up Revolution, Ms. Little House's mom, my favorite youth group chaperone, was kind enough to come over and shave my mom's head. I think it looks good, just different. It will take time to get used to it, just like with my head. 

Yesterday I started binge watching Finding Carter on On Demand. It's a show about how a girl was abducted at age 3 and the woman who abducted her raised her as her own. Now Carter is back with her real family and is butting heads with her mother, finding new friends at her new school and doing a good job of being the rebellious twin. Yes, she has a twin sister named Taylor. Does anyone else watch this show? Or any other shows you think I might like on Netflix?
While I was having my tutoring session yesterday, my little brother, who is not so little anymore, was getting his head shaved. At first, he didn't take off his hood because he looked different. But when he finally let my mom take a picture this morning, I was proud to call him my brother.

That brings us to today.The last day of Rituxan! I should be really happy, but all my aches and pains and everything about Mortimer Dorkus makes it hard to celebrate or be happy about anything.

Thank you to all of you, for your support and just for reading my blog.

Feel free to comment.

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