Chemo Sucks!

To start off, I'd like to say I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, not that I have an enemies. Yesterday I had regular chemo, but I felt far from normal. The off feeling actually started Tuesday, I spent the day sleeping on and off, and alternating between sweating uncontrollably and huddling under 50 soft blankets. I just couldn't get comfortable. Yesterday I still wasn't up to par and the nausea that chemo can cause made it even worse. My mom told me I looked pale and green. My one nurse commented on how I lost all the color in my face. And my other nurse, my favorite one, felt terrible because she had just unhooked my port so she couldn't give me any anti-nausea meds through the iv. Today I'm feeling a little better, still nauseous, but less flu-like. But I haven't really eaten anything in the past 24 hours, just keeping up with my fluids.

Today I've decided to continue working on my writing. I'm planning on starting a new novel and possibly finishing the one I started almost a year and a half ago, the week Frozen first came out in theaters. 

This week I learned I have to drop Global Studies and bio this year because I'm to far behind. My two least favorite classes, I don't want to take them again. Now I'm thinking about where I'll be next year with school. I have terrible anxiety about school and people, especially new people. So I'm a little worried.

Yesterday wasn't all bad though. I got a surprise visit from two Thon students from Penn State, Kyle and Evan, during chemo. At first I was reluctant to meet them because I don't like new people. But my mom didn't listen to me and invited them in. We got along very well because we were able to talk about the upcoming March Madness stuff and we compared our brackets. It was nice to have a distraction while I was feeling bad.

Today's question: What is your biggest goal?

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