A Terrible Journey

Saturday began as any normal day until late evening when my mom took my temperature. I had a fever of 102 but I didn't feel any different than I had earlier except that my head was warmer. But of course my mom had to call the doctor because my temp was above 100. While my mom waited for the on call doctor to return my mom's call, we took my temperature again and it had dropped to 101.7. But when the doctor called back she said she wanted us to go to the ER for antibiotics. So I spent my first night in an ER and I don't plan to again anytime soon.

Sunday morning when mom and I got home, I slept all day and I really haven't stopped yet.

Around 1pm on Monday I got called into the hospital for more antibiotics. It was a quick and easy trip that was pointless to me.

Around 2pm yesterday, my mom got a call from my doctor about bacteria growing in one of my blood cultures from the day before. So I had to make another trip to Hershey. But there were no open beds up on the floor so I spent another 5 hours in the ER, again, not by choice.

Today I was supposed to come into the clinic for labs and then get a PET scan later this afternoon. Well, I'm not going to the clinic, but the doctors are trying their best to sneak around the rules so that I can have my PET scan.

In other words the start to my week has been a nightmare and it's not even close to being over.

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