Valentine's Day

Good morning! Oh, wait it's actually the afternoon. That's what happens when you don''t fall asleep until 2am and sleep until 10:30 am. This happened because I am having terrible pain in my joints.I try to be strong and not admit when I don't feel good. But right now I feel like crap. But this makes sense because my blood counts went from 6,000 to 2,000 after my first chemo treatment. That's okay though, I can continue having chemo unless my counts go below 750.

Today hasn't been all bad though. I have the best family because this morning my mom, brother and sister drove up to Hershey to pick up my medication for my joint pain. And on the way home they stopped at the store. My sister got me a huge Valentine's dog, cupcake bake sale type thing and a little Valentine's bear. My brother got me stuff to tie-dye shirts, every color he could find. And my mom got me big sourdough pretzels. 

Tonight I'm supposed to be going to a Galentine's day party if I feel up to it. I want to go, at least for a little but it involves missing the NBA All Star festivities tonight, dunk and 3-point contest. Congrats to Kevin Hart for being MVP of the celebrity game for the fourth year in a row even though his team, the East, didn't win.

As some of you know, I get to Make-A-Wish. My wish is to go to the NBA All star festivities and meet +Lebron James. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's been playing in the NBA since he was 18. He's 30 now and still going strong. He went to St. Vincent- St. Mary's High School in Akron, Ohio. He played for Cavaliers and then got drafted to the Miami Heat in 2010. Now he's back in Cleveland with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. He has won 2 NBA championships with the Heat and hopes to make it a third with his new big three in Cleveland. So in short, he's the KING!  Next years All Star weekend is in Canada hosted by Toronto. I think it'd be so cool to go. I love watching it every year on TV, but being there would be unforgettable.

Feel free to comment whenever! (even if you're not a Lebron James fan)

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