Take 2

So today I was able to complete my PET scan. Thank God for drugs! My dad even let me choose what was on TV, but at 8 in the morning we got stuck with That 70's shows. I mean it could have been worse, it could have been Dora the Explorer. When they came to get me for the scan, I closed my eyes and had them lead me to the table. There was no way I was going face to face with the machine today.

After my scan I was basically running on adrenaline or the fact that I beat the scan. But I was still a little loopy afterwards. When I went to breakfast I was playing in the whip cream and chocolate syrup on my pancakes. You can decide if that's normal me or me on drugs. After breakfast on the way back home I was out when we turned out of the Bob Evan's parking lot. My parent's had to wake me up when we got home. But I went right back to sleep when I got inside and slept until 3:10 this afternoon.

My dad told me that I was more relaxed today, even before I got the medicine. And for those of you know him, know he's a big giant teddy bear. He looks scary at first, but once he says something if he says anything you realize he's not that bad, unless you get on his bad side. I'd say my dad knows me pretty well because we were always able to connect on sports, he's all about helping us perform better and be aggressive on the court.
My mom is always there for all three of us kids. She helps us up when fall down and for those who know me that's quite often. I feel bad because I think she's taken this the hardest.
My parents may be weird, dorky and what they think is hip, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

This year I transferred school for reasons that are not important. But I am so appreciative for all the prayers and stuff from people at my last school, regardless of the fact that I've known a lot of them since Kindergarten. 

I was scared that people would treat me differently, maybe they will, but it's only because they care.

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