It Feels Like My Birthday!

Right now I am getting the Rituxan drug, as of right now I'm not having a reaction to the dug. But someone down the hall is having a reaction and another little boy is not vey happy according to his screaming.

I've noticed the clinic and the hospital have a distinct smell, it's not good but it's not bad. The smell stays on you and everything you have with you after you leave. Some of you know I have a little blanket from when I was a baby that I can't live without. Well when I got home from the hospital, I had to wash sniffy, that's my blanket, almost three times just to remove the smell.

Have any of you received communion while in the hospital? Well, I have and I must say it is very weird. But since I can't attend church weekly now because my immune system is compromised, my good friend Fr. Richard brings me communion every Monday. This week our visit was cut short because he had to go bury some lady who had no family coming to the burial. In the words of Fr. Richard, "It's going to be me, this lady and the Undertaker." So please keep this lady in your prayers.

Yesterday, one of my best guy friends and his mom stopped over to see me for a little while. They got me a basketball hoop for my room, not the easy to break kind you get at the dollar store but one with a real backboard and everything. It was the best present ever!! Needless to say, my brother and sister and I spent an hour after they left shooting baskets.

How many soft blankets is too much? Well I've received 4 just this past week. I think 7 is a good number because I can use a different one each day. How many do you think is a good number?

When I arrived in my room for chemo there was a bear, I named her bubblegum because she had pink soft fur. Apparently it's the children's hospitals birthday. So as a party favor they gave out Penn state Nittany Lion hats. 

I found out that I'm scheduled to have 4 cycles of chemo. Each cycle is 28 days. After the first 2 cycles I will have another PET scan. Oh goody! And we'll go from there.

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