I'm Okay

This past Thursday I started chemo, four crappy drugs with 4 billion crappy side effects. There was a red liquid that they had to push in the iv, a clear liquid they pushed in the iv and two clear liquids they infused like normal. The symptoms from these drugs vary from flu-like symptoms to hair loss. I was fine right after the drugs were infused so I was able to leave the hospital and come home. On the way home I became a little nauseous leading me to not eat dinner and lay on the couch all night.

Yesterday I was feeling okay. I was very tired so I slept until 9:30ish and than took a nap from about 11:30- 2. At 6 last night I decided I was going to the ignite girl's night. I felt as though I had to put on an act because I didn't want anyone to feel bad for me. But while I was there a few of my friends were having an interesting conversation about hair. They were talking about how they could cut it short, color it or even shave it off. The conversation made me a little uncomfortable, I'm not sure they realized that though. But I realized that as early as this coming week, I could be shaving my head.

On and off all day I've been nauseous and I've learned that certain smells and foods are repulsive. For instance, my little brother is not allowed to wear his "man" spray around me anymore. And the oddest thing is I'm repulsed by the blandest food. So I've been living on Italian and barbecue mini meatloaves for the past 24 hours.

So some of you know my favorite fall show was Red Band Society. Well they decided to cancel the show this year. But before they cancel the show they're are finishing the season. It's about five teenagers in the pediatric ward of the hospital. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I'm just so psyched that they're wrapping up all the loose ends before the show gets canceled.

Everyone's comments are welcome.

A smile makes even the darkest days brighter!

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