Aching Bad Day

So I haven't been really in the mood to sit and type this weekend. But I'm going to try. As some of you saw earlier today I am getting tired of feeling broken. I just feel like my world is literally falling to pieces, not to mention me, personally. The rituxan, I mentioned a few posts ago, makes me feel achy in my bones and muscles but to make it worse I get a shot to help boost my blood cells which causes even more aching. Basically my weekend was spent laying in bed or on the sofa. Every time I got up, I regretted it so much. Nothing helps, not even the medicine or pain pellets as my sister calls them. 

This weekend I decided on the foods I want to eat. They are mac and cheese, baked ziti, cheeseburgers and milkshakes, preferably a shamrock shake from McDonald's. I never really used to like mac n' cheese but now it's my love. It's kind of scary what the chemo can do to a person. Next thing that will happen is I'll like oranges. Haha! I crack myself up.

Yesterday I attempted to play uno with my brother and sister. to say it ended badly was an understatement. My brother freaked at me and threw the deck at my eye. Then he got in argument with my mom and said, "She doesn't get in trouble because she's sick." I feel like that's not true, but I see where he's coming from. For instance, my parents aren't going to take away my phone if I have chemo because I have to sit there for like eight hours. But I still get yelled out and my books still get taken away like before. So I love to read, so my punishment was always I got my book or Kindle taken away. 

Sorry for the short post, I am very sore and even typing makes it worse. So anybody know any good jokes. Just something brighten the days of everyone reading and myself.

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