A Bump in the Road

This morning I arrived at the hospital just before 8 for my first chemo session. My stomach was in so many knots that all I could eat were cucumbers. Last night I was stressing so much about what I was going to wear. I made my dad go out at 10 last night and by me more sweatpants and t-shirts. For those of you who know me, know clothes are the last thing I pay attention to. As long as I'm comfortable, I'm good.

So this morning before I got any drugs they had to access my port. In order for it to not hurt, my mom has to put a numbing cream on it. But this being my first time, my mom had no idea how much to put on. So when we got here we realized she only put a quarter of what she was supposed to use. The nurse put more cream on and I had to wait an hour until they could access the port. Once they finally did they gave me Benadryl and tylenol and a new drug called Rituximab which has a lot of side effects including, flu-like symptoms, itching and a tickle in the throat or a feeling of your throat closing. They started infusing it slowly, than every half hour they'd speed it up a bit. The first side effect I experienced was nauseous. That might have been the fact that all I had to eat was cucumbers all day. But about 10 minutes after the nausea hit, I got a tingly feeling and then my throat began to feel like it was closing over. During this time they had to shut off the Rituxan(different name for Rituximab) and decided i'd be admitted to the hospital floor and receive the infusion through the night than begin the chemo drugs tomorrow.

We weren't expecting to be here overnight so we didn't have extra clothes. We just had numerous laptops, notebooks and games. So my mom and godmother went to Kmart and bought me t-shirts, shorts, pants, undergarments and pajama shorts. I have such great family!

I met a teen Hodgkin's survivor who is answering my questions about treatment and how I'll feel. She had 4 cycles of treatment but by the time she was halfway through all her tumors were gone.

I start chemo drugs tomorrow whenever the Rituxan stops which should be about 10 a.m.ish. 

All the prayers and love are greatly appreciated.
Feel free to comment.

This is all starting to feel more real and real each day.

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