Still Scan Day

So I was supposed to have a PET scan today. Well that didn't go exactly as planned. I was all set up with an IV and I had already drank the oral contrast. I even endured an hour in a freezing cold room and was forced to watch Property Brothers with my dad. Then I was put on the scanning table and the contrast dye was put in my IV. The only problem was I am terrified of closed spaces! I started moving into the machine for the scan. Then they pulled me back out and repeated that a few times. But right before I was ready to go back in the machine, like way back, I had a panic attack. I started crying and shaking. The technician brought my parents in and discussed the different options. I could either finish the scan today, which was not happening, they could reschedule and give me medicine to calm and relax me, or they could do it under general anesthesia. I am all for the general anesthesia, but the doctors would rather not do that. So on Monday morning I am having the PET scan but I will be all drugged up, prescription of course.

This afternoon after my scan we went to Fuddruckers for lunch. I had a Southwestern burger, bacon, cheddar jack cheese and Guacamole. I topped it off with mayonnaise, pickles and jalapenos. And on the side I had sweet potatoes fries and an Oreo milkshake. I have to say after not eating all day it was a good meal. But after eating no carbs for three-four days it made me nauseous.

The worst part about this is that I'm angry at myself for not going through with it. I feel like a wimp because I couldn't do it. My dad told me he would feel the same way because if you've ever met my dad you know he is not small. He said that when he has these types of scans his shoulders touch the sides. That would freak me out even more.

Has this happened to anyone else? Feel free to comment.

I think I've become more cautious and more aware of things, things have been put into perspective.

Again feel free to comment.

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