Scan Day

I figured now was as good as anytime to tell you the type of Hodgkin's lymphoma. I have NLPHL, a rare form that is most commonly found in 30-40 year old men. Yeah! when I do it, I do it. Only about 5% of people who are diagnosed with Hodgkin's have this type. There is a difference in the size and characteristics of the cells involved. In NLPHL, the cells resemble popcorn but classical Hodgkin's does not. Even though it's a rare type, it's still very curable.

Later today I'm going to have my first PET Scan. I'm a little nervous because as I said in my last post I am terrified of tight spaces. I'm also grumpy because I won't be eating until at least 3:30 this afternoon. I mean I've been on a no-carb diet for almost four days and now I can't anything. It really sucks! This morning I woke up to this wonderful aroma from the kitchen. I'm not sure what it was, but it smelled beautiful. The worst part was when I got downstairs my dad asked if I wanted any because he forgot I couldn't eat. I can't wait until this afternoon, I'm going to have a nice juicy burger with a roll and nice, crispy fries and maybe some ice cream.

This Friday I'm having a bone marrow biopsy and a port put in. For those of you who don't know what a port is, it is a disk that sits in the middle of my chest. It has a line that connects to a vein in my heart. That way they can give me chemo and draw blood whenever they need to without pricking me with a needle all the time. But if they find anything alarming in the PET scan than I will start chemo right after my surgical procedure on Friday. But if the scan is what they're expecting than I will start chemo next Wednesday. It will be 8 hours that day, than a few hours Thursday and Friday next week. Eight hours is like an eternity when you're sitting in the same chair doing nothing.
I'm hoping nothing unexpected comes up in the scan because I don't really want to stay any longer at the hospital than I have to.

Being in the hospital makes everything so much more real. It kind of scares me and stirs up my nerves.

But I'm still me.

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